Winterborne Kingston

Postcode for SatNavDT11 9BJ
O.S. Landranger Map reference194-863976

St. Nicholas

There is a tradition that a king was buried somewhere near the village in a golden coffin, but so far nothing has been found!  The church is ancient.  However the experts are coy about its age, although it is generally thought to be 14c and some of the windows are definitely Henry VIII (1491-1547).  Otherwise the bulk of the building is by C.E.Street in 1872.

There is a 17c pulpit and a very fine font of 1736.  Note also the mighty door and generous door-stop.  After raising £90,000 in 1999, the tower was restored, a new bell frame installed and three new bells, which had been cast at the world-famous Whitechapel Foundry in London, were hung alongside retuned older bells from 1600

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