Purse Caundle

Postcode for SatNavDT9 5DY
O.S. Landranger Map reference183-696176

Church imagePurse Caundle

St. Peter

This is a delightfully peaceful and serene church in an equally charming village complete with a superb mellow stone manor house of C15.  There is good evidence to suggest that there has probably been a church on this site for more than a thousand years.  However, the first recorded Rector arrived in 1315 and the present building dates from a re-build in 1480.  Subsequently, a chantry chapel was added by William Lange, who died in 1524.  It was subsequently restored in 1896 and again in 1955.

There is a most impressive and attractive Jacobean pulpit with a hexagonal tester above.  The pews have been fashioned from timber salvaged from the destruction of the C18 box pews. The chancel was re-built in 1731 and the nave in 1883.  Note the very fine timber work above.  The font is C15 with a later cover.




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