Winterborne Stickland

Postcode for SatNavDT11 0NJ
O.S. Landranger Map reference194-835046

St. Mary

A  very interesting church to serve this large attractive village.  The building is 13c in origin, but the nave was probably rebuilt in 1716, although the ceiling with its ribbed decoration would not appear to be of that period. However, the round-topped windows are typical and rise towards the back to accommodate the long-gone gallery.  There is a substantial tower.  The font is an excellent example of 18c craftsmanship and the rather plain pulpit belongs to the same period.

Of great interest is the 1756 tomb chamber attached to the northern side of the chancel, containing a large sarcophagus with a polished black marble lid.  There is a small 14c tympanun carving of the crucifixion in the porch - Nikolaus Pevsner wondered if it had once been a solid Norman Tympanun.  Arthur Mee in his 'Dorset' tells us that this parish has twice had rectors who each served for over fifty years, which must be something of a record.

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