Tarrant Rushton

Postcode for SatNavDT11 8SD
O.S. Landranger Map reference195-937062

St. Mary

This incredibly interesting church is rather hidden away at the side of the village.  It stands at the end of a lane in a large and peaceful churchyard and is a church beautifully maintained and worthy of a special visit.

The building, which is essentially 12c, has a Norman chancel arch and tower and is built in the form of a cross.  It was fully restored by the Victorians in the 1880s and again in 1963, largely through the generosity of Sir Alan Cobham, the aviation pioneer whose imposing tomb is situated in the corner of the church yard.

Within the church building particularly worthy of note are the two earthenware pots built into the eastern face of the chancel arch in order to improve the acoustics, a leper squint with associated scratch marks on the outside window surround and the excellent quality 1960s church furniture.  Above the main doorway is an early 12c carving of the Lamb of God.  Also piscina and niche in the chancel.