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St. Mary

The village of Stratton lies just to the side of the busy A37 Dorchester to Yeovil road.  A bypass leads the heavy traffic away from the village bequeathing a tranquil, if not always quiet, atmosphere. 

The original Norman church was constructed around 1140 and appears to have been long and narrow with a thatched or shingle roof. At some stage a disaster occurred (perhaps a fire?), which caused a new building to be erected during the 13c.  All that remains of this are the chancel arch (behind the organ), the porch, a squint (hagioscope) now blocked up and the font.  The Tower is 14c.

In 1891, there was a radical rebuild by Crickmay of Weymouth.  The author Thomas Hardy, who was also a trained architect, with others, opposed the scheme and won several important concessions, which included the resetting of some of the old windows and doors into the new structure.  As a result, fragments of old painted glass depicting the monogram of the Virgin Mary and the Tudor rose can still be seen.  There is a most important Tudor staircase with linen fold panels in the tower, which leads to the bell chamber.