South Transept Te Deum Window

Sherborne Abbey - Te Deum Window
By courtesy of Sonia Halliday Photographs

The South Transept Te Deum window was designed by Augustus Pugin and created by John Hardman of Birmingham.  It was installed during the Carpenter restoration of 1850-51 and given by Lord Digby.  There are 16 main lights filled with 96 figures, grouped in pairs, representing Apostles, Prophets and Martyrs all holding Latin texts from the 'Te Deum Laudamous'.  The tracery lights above contain 31 angels, cherubim and seraphim proclaiming Sanctus.  As with the other Hardman glass made during this period, the detail painted on the glass is badly faded because it was under-fired in the kiln.

Sonia Halliday and her team photograph the stained glass in churches and cathedrals without charge, for use in brochures and for insurance purposes (scaffolding must be provided by the church or cathedral). A set of the transparencies is retained by Sonia Halliday, who may then allow them to be used in historical and academic books and other projects. Please contact Sonia Halliday for further details on 01296 612266, or 07968 107158 (mobile).