The Horsey Tomb

Sherborne Abbey - The Horsey tomb
Photograph courtesy of Sherborne Abbey

Adjoining the north transept on the east side is the Wykeham Chapel.  The walls, arcading and the remains of its east window are Norman, but the vault and window are Perpendicular.  The Horsey tomb is a most impressive structure.  The effigies, clad in the elaborate armour of c 1470, are of Sir John Horsey (1546) and his son (1564).  Sir John purchased the Abbey and then sold it on to the townsfolk so that it could become the parish church. 

Also buried in the Wykeham Chapel, and commemorated by a simple stone in the floor, is Sir Thomas Wyat (1542) a statesman and poet who was reputedly in love with Ann Boleyn before her marriage to Henry VIII!