Abbotsbury Parish Church

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O.S. Landranger Map reference194-577853
Points of InterestPulpit bullet holes/barrel roof
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AbbotsburyAbbotsbury Parish Church

St. Nicholas

The church of St Nicholas adjoins the scattered remai9ns of the former Benedictine Abbey. The fabric of the building is mainly 15th century. ~The chancel retains its decorated plaster barrel ceiling (16380 and a classical style reredos with corinthian columns and pediment (1751)


Externally over the west tower doorway there is a carving of the Trinity.. As you enter through the decorated north porch there is an early 13thcentury Purbeck marble effigy of an Abbot. An interesting selection of glass including a fragmented upper part of a figure of the Virgin with exquisite hands (15thc) Also a Jacobean pulpit with tester with an interesting history.






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