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How to Apply

Applications are to be submitted on a Dorset Historic Churches Trust application form, with audited financial accounts attached, to the Deanery Representative of the Trust in the area in which the Church is located. Applicants are strongly advised to contact their Deanery Representative in the first instance before starting to complete the form.


 Grant Application Forms

You can choose the type of application form that is most suitable for you:

You can Download our Template Application Form which is designed to be completed using Microsoft Word.  You will need to click on the vertical arrow above the displayed document to complete the download.

You simply complete  each entry field and then tab to the next one.

There are drop-down boxes and  links to external information sources to help you complete the form.

To action the hyperlinks to those external information sources you will need to ‘right-click’ your mouse and then choose  ‘open hyperlink.’

Print the completed form and get your Priest or Minister to sign it.

Then send it to your local Deanery Representative together with copies of any  supporting documents.


You can Download our Offline Application Form (please right click and "save as" or "download"). This must be completed by hand and then signed and returned as above.

We hope that you will find our Grant Application Process clear and straightforward.

However, if you have any queries or are experiencing difficulties you can contact your local Deanery Representative or email our Grants Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.